Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies


March 25, 2013 by Renee

We don’t do much to celebrate Easter around here, unless you count eating a ton of Easter candy. Seriously, Easter definitely wins the holiday candy race. Nobody else has Cadbury Creme Eggs. Christmas and Halloween just can’t compare. I look forward to these all year.

Cadbury Creme Eggs

But just in case you were wanting to make your Easter candy even more awesome, I’ve made Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies. My husband had been begging me to make these for him for over a week. How could I refuse him? He finished his in about twelve seconds, so I’d say he was happy. They taste pretty much as ridiculous as you’d expect. It’s a fudgy chocolate overload. It makes you want to brush your teeth in the best possible way. I mean, it’s Creme Eggs baked into a brownie. It’s awesome. Duh.

Cadbury Creme Egg Brownie Batter

I recommend waiting until closer to Easter to make these. The longer you wait, the more desperate your grocery store will be to get rid of their seasonal candy, and the Cadbury Creme Eggs are bound to be on sale. They’re still a bit of a splurge, but hey, that’s what holidays are for.

Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

Also awesome is the fact that these are made in a 9X9 pan, so even if you only have a countertop oven the size of a dorm room microwave, you can still make these. I know from experience.

You could easily make these with your favorite brownie recipe, even if that comes from a box. I won’t tell, as long as you think it’s delicious. Here’s the recipe I used.

Cadbury Creme Egg Brownie

Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies
Slightly adapted from Honey’s Mummy

185 grams (1 1/2 stick) unsalted butter
185 grams (1 cup) chocolate chips (dark chocolate is best, but use whatever you have)
3 eggs
275 grams (2 1/2 cups) sugar
85 grams (3/4 cup) all-purpose flour
40 grams (1/3 cup) cocoa powder
A pinch of salt
6 Cadbury Creme Eggs cut in half top to bottom

  • Preheat your oven to 325 and butter a 9×9 inch baking dish
  • Put the butter and chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each interval. Keep doing this until everything is melted and smooth. Set aside to cool slightly.
  • Crack your eggs into a mixing bowl and add the sugar. Beat them together until they’re pale and foamy and have doubled in size. I recommend letting electricity help you here. It can be done with a wire whisk, but it will take a long time, and your arm will be tired. You can skip the gym for the day, though. It should look like this.
egg and sugar mixture with cholate waiting to be folded in

egg and sugar mixture with cholate waiting to be folded in

  • Pour your cooled chocolate into the egg mixture and fold to combine.
  • Sift in the flour and cocoa powder, toss in a pinch of salt, and gently fold that in as well.
  • Pour your brownie batter into the prepared pan and bake for 15 minutes.
  • Remove the brownies from the oven and gently press the Creme Eggs, cut side up, into the batter. It will still be plenty soft and gooey at this point.
  • Return the brownies to the oven for another 10-12 minutes depending on your gooeyness preference.
  • Torture yourself by waiting for these to cool completely before cutting them. Good luck

*Measuring note: If you have a kitchen scale, I highly recommend measuring by weight. The recipe was written in grams, so cups may not be as accurate.

*These brownies can be made for under $10. Not bad for a holiday dessert. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

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  2. I wish I could have one (or 2 … or 3) of these right now, even thought it’s only 6:35am. lol 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous day!! :*)

  3. Cheryl Newton says:

    They do have Cadbury Creme Eggs for Halloween. Except the yolk is green and they are called Cadbury S’creme Eggs. I have no doubt some genius will come up with versions for other holidays as well.

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